Huge Jam Publishing & Book Design

Huge Jam Publishing & Book Design offers professional editing and design services to support every step of your publishing journey.


These are the steps that our services support:


  • Editing
  • Page Design/Layout
  • Cover Design
  • Proofreading
  • ISBN
  • Publication: in paperback and/or digital format
  • Distribution


We never lose sight of the fact that your publishing journey is an exciting one. Every book is different and deserves bespoke one-to-one handling. Everybody’s writing style is unique and deserves sensitive, ‘light-touch’ editing. Every imagination has its own direction and drive and deserves to be preserved and shared.


With that in mind, we understand the importance of your book having a professional layout and an engaging, original cover design. We understand that your writing will need to be 100% accurate and consistent. We understand that your book needs to be bought, read, enjoyed and recommended.


You deserve it, we understand it. We hope you’ll let us provide it. We will never have had enough of these exciting, unique publishing journeys.

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