Use this not just as a price list, but as a guide to what the different publishing processes are. If you need more than one service it might be best to check the 'bundles' we offer too.


£6 per 1000 words

A word-by-word, line-by-line, edit of your writing. Your text is checked for accuracy and consistency. This stage precedes having your text formatted ready for print.

Developmental Editing

£45 per 5000 words

This includes the copy-editing process but will make suggestions for 'deeper' changes if sections of your writing exhibit 'weaknesses' in plot, character, style, or structure. Writers who choose this option are generally open to, and looking for, suggestions and creative input.


from £150 per manuscript

This is a more holistic reponse to your writing. It can be from the judgement and experience of a writer or editor, or from the point of view of a reader.


Writer's/Editor's Critique £350

Expect a professionally-designed report with a minimum word count of 6000 that dissects your writing and offers suggestions in a constructive conclusion.

Beta-reading £200

This is sometimes referred to as a reader's report. It's like a pre-launch 'test drive' of your book. You will receive a professionally-designed and structured report from the point of view of a reader who is used to reviewing manuscripts. Within the (minimum) 5000 words will be honest responses to key moments and characters in your book as well as to your overall narrative voice. It might not pick up on some of the points for development that an editor's critique will, but it's reassuring to get advice from a reader.

Sensitivity Reading £150

If your setting includes a culture that is different from your own background you might want to check that you are not going to upset anyone by making inadvertent errors and assumptions. A sensitivity read will also, should you wish it to, highlight opportunities for including more diversity. This is a fairly new service and you can find out more information about why it is important on this page by writeinthemargins.orgsensitivity-readers.


Combinations: see 'bundles'.


£5 per 1000 words

This is the service that most writers think of using pre-publication and it traditionally follows the text having been laid-out ready for print. It gives you a word-by-word check for errors that might have been missed at the editing stage or introduced during layout. It will also check page numbering, referencing, indexing, captions etc. where applicable.

Design and Formatting


Whether your book is a continuous narrative or composed of images, tables, captions, sub-headings, we will ensure that every page is formatted to the highest of modern design standards to give your book that professional edge. Your browsing public will not be doubting the quality of your writing once it has been professionally 'typeset' by us. The price of our design services varies according to the complexity of your work so a word or page count is not useful as a guide. Contact us for an individual fixed-price quote, or work on the basis of the service being charged at £25 per hour.

Cover Design

from £60

Kindle (£60); Print (paperback or jacket: £120); set of ten cover designs to choose from (£350). We will ensure that the file dimensions, including bleed/trim and the spine size required for your number of pages, are according to publisher specifications.


'Kindle/ePub' to 'Paperback' Conversion (and vice versa)

from 10p per page NB: this lower rate relates to fixed layout ebooks. Cost will be a little higher for reflowable ebooks.

We can also convert other files into different formats including Word; pages; PDF; tiff; gif; jpg; indd; ai; png. Your Kindle files can be reflowable or fixed layout. The rate per page applies to documents that have already been formatted to a high standard.

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