Imagine being a published writer while still at school (or even preschool).


It happens to a few. But all children are natural storytellers, as their parents and teachers know, and here at Huge Jam we have always aimed to celebrate this. That's the original reason our company started.


Option 1: £5.00


Short stories, poems, pictures


Share as a copyrighted PDF ebook on our website for everyone to read online.

See your child's name and book title on our familiar 'Huge Jam' front cover - on your choice of jam colour(!) - and let all your friends and family know. You'll  even be able to see how many 'views' it has had.


Option 2: £25.00


Kindle publishing


If you would like to sell the story online as a Kindle book for anyone to download:

 earn some pocket money for your budding writer. (Your own ISBN included.)


Option 3: £55.00




Edited and published to industry standards.

For worldwide sale on Amazon. ISBN searchable. All our books are archived at the British Library.


These services are available for any young writers, from preschool to sixth form.


Email your story to us with your payment reference number ~ we'll reply the same day and communicate fully every step of the way.

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